Temporal Genomics Twitter Symposium


Twitter Symposium Date: July 8, 2021 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM EDT

Symposium Schedule

Time (EDT) Presenter Twitter Handle Talk Title
9:30-10:00 Jason Bertram @jason__bertram Allele frequency divergence reveals ubiquitous influence of positive selection in Drosophila
10:00-10:30 Rebekah Oomen @rebekahoomen Resolving mechanisms maintaining distinct Atlantic cod ecotypes in a hybrid zone using a multi-generational experiment
10:30-11:00 Paige Byerly @paigebyerly Museum genomics provide evidence for long-term genetic differentiation between breeding populations of a highly mobile seabird in the Western Atlantic
11:00-11:30 Brendan Reid @emydoid Detecting recent demographic declines from temporal data: Insights from simulations
11:30-12:00 Alice Manuzzi @AliceManuzzi Temporal genomics suggests the disappearance of a tiger shark population off south-eastern Australia
12:00-12:30 Christine Ewers @ewers_saucedo The ghost of oysters past - genomic insights into extinct oyster diversity
12:30-1:00 Nicolas Lou @NicolasLou10 Batch effects in population genomic studies with low-coverage whole genome sequencing data: Their causes, detection, and mitigation
1:00-1:30 Eric Garcia @EGarciaResearch Effectiveness of reduced representation sequencing on century-old, ethanol-preserved museum fishes

Presented by the Temporal Genomics Working Group, as part of the Research Coordinated Network for Evolution in Changing Seas.

Members of the RCN for Evolution in Changing Seas and the ecology & evolution community at large are invited to participate in a Twitter symposium during the first full week in July 2021. This Twitter symposium is aimed specifically at researchers interested in, or currently utilizing, temporal genomics methods and practices.

This Twitter symposium will provide:

Presentation style:

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The symposium will be moderated by the RCN for Evolution in Changing Sea’s Twitter account (@evolvingseas). To catch all the action, be sure to follow the RCN Twitter account and/or the symposium hashtag (#TempGen2021Tweets). @evolvingseas will tweet out the symposium schedule, introduce each presenter at the time of their presentation, and retweet the first tweet in each presentation thread.

Unsure what a Twitter symposium (or conference) is? Check out this guide from the #ASEH2018 Twitter conference for more information on the general structure and types of presentations, or tweets, involved.

If you have questions about the Temporal Genomics Twitter Symposium, please contact René Clark: rene.clark[at] (@rene_delight on Twitter), or John Whalen: jwhal002[at] (@WhaleTalez on Twitter).

Parts of this page are based largely on the wonderful advice and guidance of the Beyond 150 Twitter conference and #ASEH2018Tweets. A large thank you to Andrea Eidinger, Krista McCracken, and Jessica M. DeWitt for putting those together!

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