Our working group was funded in 2021 by the RCN-ECS to review best practices on using genetic data from multiple time points in ecological and evolutionary research. Thanks for checking us out!

Lecture Series

We will be hosting a series of seminars on various topics relevant to temporal genomics given by prominent and early-career scientists in the field.

These seminars run biweekly, usually on Thursdays from 11:00-12:00 US Eastern time. Presenters will showcase a diverse set of studies using genomic data from the past and present to investigate questions relevant to ecology and evolutionary biology. We will also discuss best practices for conducting these studies and lessons learned while exploring this exciting new field.

Everyone is welcome to join!

To receive the Zoom link, please fill out the registration form here.

Seminar Schedule

Date Seminar Leader Topic
March 25 Deborah Leigh Estimated six per cent loss of genetic variation in wild populations since the industrial revolution
April 8 Shane Campbell-Staton Temporal Genomics and Biological Response to Anthropogenic Change
April 22 Evelyn Jensen Temporal Tortoises: What we are learning from historical specimens of Galapagos giant tortoises
May 6 Joseph McGirr Roundtable: early-career researchers (featuring Hernán E. Morales, Sarah Gignoux-Wolfsohn, and Venkat Talla)
May 20 David Jacobs Putting Observations from Ancient DNA and Coastal Genetic Studies in context - Anthropogenic Extinctions of Ducks and Rivers and Coastal Connectivity Controlled by Glaciers and Rainfall Events
Jun 3 Nina Therkildsen Looking across space to interpret fisheries-induced genomic changes over time
Jun 18 Joel Alves Roundtable: detecting selection with temporal data (featuring Alison Feder, Evan Irving-Pease, and Bastiaan Star) Note that this is a Friday seminar!
Ju1 1 Jennifer Walsh-Emond Roundtable: emerging topics in temporal genomics (featuring David Diez-del-Molino, Lindsey Fenderson, and Alice Manuzzi)

Past Seminars

Past seminars are available to watch on our archive page.

Twitter Symposium

We hosted a live Twitter Symposium on July 8, 2021. For more information on the Twitter symposium, visit our symposium page.

Working Group Members

Rutgers University: Katrina Catalano, René Clark, Kyra Fitz, Brendan Reid, Malin Pinsky
Old Dominion University: Eric Garcia, John Whalen
University of Alabama: Anthony Snead
Michigan State University: Kyle Jaynes
UC Santa Cruz: Allyson Salazar Sawkins

For more information on any of the working group members, check out our members page!


For more information on the working group, contact René Clark: rene.clark[at]rutgers.edu. For more information on the virtual lecture series, contact Brendan Reid: br450[at]rutgers.edu. For more information on the Twitter symposium, contact René Clark or John Whalen: jwhal002[at]odu.edu.